Girl Dog Names

Tatum Sleepy
Tatum Sleepy

A while ago I posted about Boy Dog Names, and thought now I would post about Girl Dog Names!

Of the boy names, I like Quinn the best, and I think I’d name my next boy collie Quinn.

I love Scottish and Gaelic names… so I’m looking at some websites that have these.  I also thought Olive would be a cute girls name… I also like Cae, pronounced Kay, but since okay is my release word, I think that would be a bad name! I also like Ceana, but that is also too much like okay.

Ailie … is pretty
Colina … is kinda nice, it means young hound. lol
Fiona … Oooo I really like Fiona! Fi for short!
Kenna … hmm I like this one too.
Lilias … hrmm
Marsali … from the Roman God of War
Nessa … cute

These are from a Scottish Girl Names page I found on the web.

There are a ton of names on the web.. what are you favorite girl dog names?  I named Lucy, which I still like. Tatum came named, and her name really has grown on me! And Angel came named, which isn’t a name I would chose, but it’s kinda cute. We call her Pumpkin Pie too!

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  1. My wife picked out our sweet baby pup. I went and picked her up, she was right. So adorable, I held her in my arms and I just fell in love.

    I then thought to my self what should we name her, instantly I just knew her name was Isabella. She represented a world f beauty and cute.

    Of course it was probably the absence of not having a baby of our own that was really guiding me when I named her. My wife thought it was pretty too.

    Thanks for sharing the Scottish names, those things help… we looked at a few of them. Bella is what we call her, I guess thats a name with a Latin root, maybe Spanish.

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  2. Well, I may be biased but what about Daisy?

    I really like it because it is a very “girly” name for our very “girly” Girl.

    Also the Spanish for it is Margarita which I like.

    the three dog bloggers last blog post..36 Unusual Dog Facts

  3. Wait wait wait… Collie Quinn? Like Colin Quinn the comedian? hehehe

    I’m so bad at names but I do agree with you on Fiona!

  4. I really like the name Quinn as well, but maybe for a girl.

    I have a hard time picking names for my pets. I like short names – my dog’s name is Ace and my cat’s name is Scout. And I like them to be at least fairly unique.

  5. I have a golden I named Adie, its short, I think that’s important for a dogs name, because Adie and I used to hunt birds (she absolutly lives to retreve)and when giving comands out in the field a short name is a real plus!
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  6. We got a dog named Crystal, and my wifes name is…you guessed it Crystal! We tryed to change the dogs name but finally just gave up so now have two Crystals in the house.

  7. I like the names Fiona and Nessa. My favorite names are Emma and Flora or Floressa too though I’m not sure if Floressa is a dog name but I don’t think it should not be since it just a variation of Flora :). Also I think Giselle sounds pretty cool too.

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