There’s no H in Lucy

Silly Lucy
Silly Lucy

We have a soft-tile floor in our basement and we often have to tear it up if one of the dogs has a peeing accident on them.  So quite often the tiles are up and being washed, some of them are scattered around drying.  The tiles have our dogs’ names spelled in them, and our cats. Though we don’t have Muffit and Tatum’s names because they came after the floor.

So Lucy is feeling better!  When she feels good and she wants dinner she brings me toys. With her megaesophagus she hasn’t been bringing me many toys in the recent past. But last night she was bringing me the H out of one of the floor tiles. I kept telling here there is no H in Lucy but she didn’t want to listen! I had to hide the H under the tv stands and then go and get her some dinner.

Oh but before I hid the H, I threw it for her a couple of times and she went and fetched it. She had fun and was prancing around like she used to. I’m so glad she is feeling better. We have been feeding her smaller meals, too, and she’s not throwing up quite as much.

She is still quite incontenent though and so can’t sleep on the bed with me. I really want to find some good diapers for her but I haven’t seen any that I really liked online yet. Anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Simple Solution makes some diapers you might want to try. I’m a huge fan of SS products.

    1. I tried those, they are not heavy duty enough to catch all the urine that Lucy leaks at night. I need something more. These are really to help bitches in heat so they don’t spot. I need something for urinary incontinence. Thanks for your comment!

  2. ah, Glad Lucy is feeling better. Our family loves her sooooo much! The kiddo says he just cant wait to come over every week and see her and the Gang. He hopes to Mow Lawn again, heeheeheee. (why, to buy me more stuff of course!)

    Roseys last blog post..Rosey

  3. Maybe she brought you the “h” in an attempt to spell out “hungry!” Hehe, she’s a character! I’m so glad that she’s feeling more like herself again. 🙂

    Maries last blog post..6 Months Already?!

  4. Ugh. We couldn’t find a diaper we liked for our old Rottie-Lab. She would lay on her side and it would leak out between the diaper and her bottom, and then she would look really sad and guilty when she realized the bed was wet. Soooooooo sad. There’s really no way to explain to a dog, “It’s okay, we know you didn’t potty in the house on purpose.” It’s a heart-wrencher. 🙁

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