Three Old Dogs

Three Old Dogs
Three Old Dogs

It’s tough having three old dogs in the house. Of course we love them all, and it’s not like we have to spend  lot of time exercising them and doing lots of things with them. However, as they age, we have to spend more on medical care. And make sure they get high quality food, a fair amount of exercise to keep them in shape, and good health care.

This picture is from May 5, 2002.  We got Angel back in 2002.  From left to right, Lucy, Angel (in my husband’s lap), and Levi is with me.  All our smooth blue collies.  They are such dolls and we love all of them.

Lucy now has megaesophagus and she’s just 10 years old. But we are thrilled that we are managing it okay and she is doing well. Lucy is also pretty incontinent and we need steam cleaners to keep the carpets clean, but we don’t have many carpets so that’s good! Angel is about 12 years old, we are guessing, because she’s a rescue. Angel is very healthy though and so we are happy about that. And Levi is 9.5 years old. He’s also very healthy but he does have arthritis now, typical of an older dog.

I’ll be a wreck when these three go.  I love them all. And Levi is my soul mate dog. They are unique and wonderful and we hope they live a few more years with us so we can cherish and love them!

8 thoughts on “Three Old Dogs”

  1. Awww.
    J,Z,M will all be considered seniors at the same time…Better start saving money up now for the later years.

    Anns last blog post..More tugs comming!

  2. awwww, they all look so good! and you guys haven’t aged a bit either 🙂 Why just the other day, S mentioned he missed seeing the gang every weekend in the summer. I sure hope summer comes soon, I am tired of the cold. ugh. XO

    Chriss last blog post..On Weigh at at Time

  3. Girl, I’m with you!! Having old dogs is so hard. Not just because they are old and need more care but because you know they are nearing the end and how sad it will be when they are gone. That is a time I am not looking forward to.

    Flos last blog post..Sammy’s big adventure

  4. I don’t know why, but I love the old ones the best. The oldest one here now is only 9, so I don’t have really old ones now. I lost three last year, one at thirteen, one almost fourteen, and one suddenly at ten (didn’t expect that). I miss them terribly, but I see them in the ones that are still here, and from time to time, they make their presence felt.

  5. God, has it been that long?? I remember your blues as young, spry kids! I originally started to get into agility when my boy was only a year old though, and he’s 7 now… So I guess it’s been a while! My girl is almost 12… Everyone sees her and thinks she’s like 4. She’s a crackhead, bouncing off the walls. I do notice that her eyes aren’t QUITE as pure black as they used to be, and I try to lift her down off high objects that she jumps up onto because I don’t want to risk a broken leg… Sometimes she doesn’t respond when I’m talking to her, but I know that it’s because she’s a stubborn little cow, not because she’s going deaf (I can give her commands in a whisper if she’s not sidetracked and she responds perfectly – she just has attitude!)… But oh, I worry… She’s been young for so long that when she starts *really* slowing down, I’m going to be a wreck… Why do dogs have to get old?? It seems so unfair. Everyone says since Shannon is so psycho, she’ll live forever. And oh, I wish that were true! :S

    1. Hi Angela! I remember you. 🙂 Yeah, it has been a while… my young dogs are no longer young. But I got some other young ones. LOL. The drawbacks of rescue, but the joys of rescue too, because we love them all.

      I hope you get your sheltie puppy! How excting! I’m hoping to get a puppy this year or next year too. 🙂

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