Agility Weekend and Sore Knees

chaseWell, back from another agility weekend. We had a DOCNA trial and it was a lot of fun. Chase did great, he loves the wide open courses. Levi also did great. Levi Q’d in three out of his four runs. He loves jumping at 16″. When he’s 10 years old, he can run in grand veterans in DOCNA and jump 12″. So that will be fun too!

My knees hurt quite bad today. Ugh. I’ve been giving the dogs some horse supplements, glucosamine (the horse stuff is cheaper than the dog version). And maybe I need to start taking glucosamine, too. I just hate that the pills are so big, and so expensive.

Chase also had fun, though he dropped too many bars and had a couple too many off courses. Still it’s fun to run him and we are working better together all the time. I think we need to work on bar knocking this summer. He’s fast, and when he turns, sometimes it’s hard for him to keep the bars up. So we need to train for that!

Anyway, I’m whiped out today. I need to go to bed really early!

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