Blown Pad

Well, my Husband took Muffit and Chase to the park yesterday and Chase blew his pad.聽 Poor boy. He has the most sensitive feet.

Blown Pad
Blown Pad

So this evening we put some Vitamin E on his pad, put on gauze (okay it’s a band aid, LOL) and then wrapped his foot with vet wrap (notice the blue, our flyball team colors… lol Christy did I pay you for this?). And Chase, needless to say, doesn’t like having anything on his foot. So instead of giving him diamond hoop earrings, we gave him a bully stick, which he likes better anyway. 馃檪 However, he chews them way too fast. This is a 12 inch bully stick, and he chewed it probably in under fifteen minutes. The dork.聽 We usually only give him the 6 inchers because if they don’t do down right… or get stuck… well, we worry.

So now the bully stick is gone, though he did have fun chewing it. And so he is sitting next to me so I can keep him from chewing his vet wrap off his blown pad. He’s been limping a lot the last day, and so really he needs something on it to help the pain, and to help it heal.

The rest of the dogs are stuck upstairs, and are pretty upset. Chase doesn’t like the other dogs around him when he’s restrained or hurt and he’ll growl at them… or more. So he gets to be special boy for a bit!

11 thoughts on “Blown Pad”

  1. Poor lil thing.. must have hurt him 馃檨

    Vishnu @ beautifulmindss last blog post..devan !

  2. Not sure if you paid me or not. No worries if you didn’t LOL. Ohh my vet said that blown pads need air? I took Dylan in once because his didn’t heal and the vet said it was because I was bandaging them? They were REALLY bad that time though!!

    Ohh and did I tell you about using Iodine to toughen them? Dr Henneman recommended it but my lazy butt hasn’t actually been doing it…

    Christys last blog post..Back to Square One!!

    1. I will look into the Iodine.. I wonder if that’s what’s in Blue Foot. I have some darn Blue Foot around somewhere I need to put on his feet!

  3. I’ve had good luck with putting a little Vicks on the uninjured pads under the bandage. That seems to make the whole business far less interesting to chew!

    trackers last blog post..Wednesday Link: Terry Nowacki

  4. ?? What’s a “blown pad”? I thought I was familiar with the kinds of ills to which dogs are subject as a result of performance activities, but I’ve never heard this term before.

    1. Heya Jim.. I’m not sure if ‘Blown Pad’ is the technical term… but basically it’s when the dog takes off the outer layer of skin from his pad. Chase does this more often than we would like. He has very sensitive feet. And it takes a couple weeks to grow back. 馃檨

  5. I have a Jack Russell Terrier that we tried to bandage up one time and it last for a whopping 2 minutes before it was destroyed.

    Black Labradorss last blog post..Labrador puppy growth rate

  6. I hope his paws are better. Ace will often hurt his paws from stopping to fast. He will also wear his back nails down to nothing if I don’t pay attention.

    Lindsays last blog post..How to prepare for a foster dog

  7. Oh man, he so cute with his pad, I hope the vitamin will help him feel better.

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