Classes Gonna Start!

Okay I know I know it’s not like I don’t do regular training with my dogs, but I’m excited because Tatum is going to be going to regular obedience and agility classes soon. Probably with the start of April. Should be fun.

Tatum Sitting
Tatum Sitting

Levi’s obedience is winding down, he’ll still do ASCA which will be fun.  And he can jump at 16″.  Tatum is just starting. And I love working with her. I’ve been working stands, stays, recalls and heeling in the front yard now that it’s warm. I love that it’s starting to warm up outside! I gotta pull down the Bamboo shades to keep the heat of the sun out, but I like it, so they stay up. 🙂

So Thursday nights is probably going to be Tatum’s obedience night, and Friday night will be agility night.  The downside is that I won’t really have a day off on the weekends. Bleh.  So I might have to bug out of classes once in a while, or flyball practice, just to keep my own sanity.  But that’s okay, I have to set boundaries and it’s always a learning process.

This picture is of Tatum when we were practicing stays at a trial a while ago. Isn’t she doing great! I am thrilled that she understands what stay means.  And her recalls are getting to be enthusiastic, and so is her heeling. There is so freakin’ much heeling in obedience, and I really want my dogs to have happy drivey heeling! Even the Tot, my shy little collie girl who just really isn’t shy anymore. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Classes Gonna Start!”

  1. I’m jealous! I wish it wasn’t such a drive, I would love to come to classes. I think Tatum’s doing great, and can’t wait to hear how she enjoys class. 🙂

    Maries last blog post..Layla’s teeth

  2. I really really want to put one of our dogs through agility training. I know he would absolutely love it, and would also be pretty good at it.

    Black Labradorss last blog post..How to teach your Labrador Retriever to roll over

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