Popcorn Poop

Okay.. don’t let Levi near a fire!  Well, he’s probably safe now, but after we came home and discovered he’d eaten three boxes of microwave popcorn… that’s three whole boxes with about four bags in each, I was thinking he might pop, literally, if we got him close to any heat!

Popcorn Poop
Popcorn Poop

So to the right is a picture of his poop from today. And to the left is a picture of his poop from yesterday. Yeah, that’s poop. I know it doesn’t look like poop, it looks like pure popcorn. But he ate a lot, and so it came out just the same as it went in. Such is conversion rate optimization for the popcorn poop!

Popcorn Out
Popcorn Out

Bhahaaa… we were actually not too worried about him eating so much popcorn. We were a bit concerned, but it didn’t constitute a visit to the vet, fortunately.

It reminds me of Kip, my old shepherd mix, who used to love to eat bird seed.  His poop came out filled with bird seed and just crumbling to peices.

It’s amazing these things our dogs will eat. Eww. It’s gonna be fun trying to pick up that popcorn poop in the yard… maybe we’ll grow a popcorn bush. LOL oh, I guess that would be corn, maybe we’ll have corn this year in our grass!

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  1. I will no longer wonder why or where corn got its rep as the most difficult food to digest 🙂 Glad this didn’t include a vet visit for Levi!!

  2. Hi, Cyn!! You probably don’t remember me, I used to be a frequent guest at utahdogs.com and met you once at a trial… I was just searching dog agility info online and saw “4 smooth collies” in your description and thought — Hmmm… Nobody in Utah has 4 smooths but Cynthia! But BC’s now, huh?? Sounds like life is getting crazy around there! Anyway, it’s good to see your blog. I always love a good dog read. 🙂


    PS: I love Cesar Millan. I think he’s awesome. The only problem is that most of the people who require him seem to be people who think their dogs are little baby humans and have something going on that they need to see a psychiatrist for… (Also, do these people know ANYTHING about dogs? So often I watch and am horrified to see how clueless they are!) I think that Cesar is a great dog psychologist. But obviously he does not know dog training, so we can’t really expect him to do any training on the show… Now, Victoria Stillwell, or whatever her name is? I can’t last through a single show! She drives me CRAZY! Those dogs walk all over her and I end up growling in irritation as I turn the TV off. But I’m sure the average public can use her tips more than they can Cesar’s, because she’s clueless and the dogs take advantage of her and disregard pretty much everything she says, and that seems to be such a large part of the dog-owning population these days, unfortunately! :S

  3. Holy Crap! Literally! That’s some craziness!

    Anne Goods last blog post..For the Love of the Puggle

  4. oh my god!! Another dog who loves pop-corn!! 🙂

    my susy LOVE pop corn SO much 🙂

    Maybe they can go to the movies together! LOL


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  5. That’s so much popcorn!

    My dog loves the popped popcorn. But, she’ll eat anything, so I bet she’d enjoy eating it unpopped as well.


  6. Now that looks like it would have been sore on the way out, did you come home to find your dog in pain.. as that looks very sore.

    DogMans last blog post..Clicker Training Explained: An Introduction to Clicker Training

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