Past Camping Photo


I’ve been having my old photo as a slide show on my background on my laptop while I work. And I like to glance over and see all the old pictures.

This one came up and it just makes me laugh.  My husband is on the reclining chair and Levi just HAD to have a spot on it, too.  LOL and Levi just doesn’t care if a person is in his way. He climbs right up.  Just like when he wants a spot on the couch at home, he whines until he gets one. Yeah I know I know, he has us well trained.

I haven’t been posting on my blogs much lately, been focusing on doing some Niche Blogging going instead. I hope to make a bit of money off it. I can hope! Maybe then I’ll be able to afford the best diet pill! He he. Well, I am still trying to lose weight too.

So anyway, I’ll be here once in a while! I have to post about my latest training sessions too.

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