Goin’ For Some Flyball

Muffit on the Cam
Muffit on the Cam

Well, this weekend we have a flyball tournament. It’s NAFA, and I’ve only done one NAFA tournament before. Should be fun… but I think I like U-FLI better.

It’s in Pahrump, Nevada, which is about 8 hours from Salt Lake City. I’ll be pulling the trailer down, going with a friend who is going to golf while I race. Hopefully we won’t need any AED defibrillators while down there, LOL. Even though my heart will be a racin’ too!

I may or may not post again before I go. I’m taking Chase down to race (he gets to be on two teams, he’ll love it!) and Tatum to watch. And she’s my baby girl anyway. 🙂  I also get to pick up Oreo and bring him down. He’s a border collie we need on a team but his people can’t go. I hope Chase doesn’t hate Oreo too much. Oreo will be crated in the trailer, or away from Chase.  Oreo is a sweet wonderful dog… but a bit too exuberant for Chase.

Should be a fun trip!

This is a picture from our webcam.. the dog shelf, with Muffit in the foreground and Lucy in her chair in the background.

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