Tatum and Training

Tatum and Chase
Tatum and Chase

This is a picture of Chase and Tatum at flyball practice last summer. Ooo summer! I want warmth and sunshine!

Anyway… Tatum’s training is going really well. She’s starting to understand heel, I think. Though we only do it in very short bits. Four or five steps. But I also randomize how many steps we take so she won’t think it’s the same amount all the time. And I put the target stick right in front of her eyes. I still think she has problems with peripheral vision. But she can still read diet pill reviews for me if she wants to!

We are also working the stand for exam. She can stand okay, and when I walk away, I have to do it in a very matter-of-fact manner. No coddling her or asking her to please stay. I just put her in a stand, put my hand in front of her nose for a stay, then walk away.  And she seems to be getting it pretty good, actually. The stand stay is one of the hardest things for a green dog to learn!

Her recall is doing really well too.  I havem mostly been running from her to keep her speed and enthusiasm up.  We are also working fronts a little, and finishes a little. Though not at the same time.  Those are all the things for novice… we are still doing some dumbbell work for open. I hope she can get into open! I have faith in her.

She’s also doing really well in agility class. She loves the contacts. I want to start to get her out where she has more room to run so we can start to sequence obstacles. Her A-Frame four on the floor is gonna be nice!

Last Saturday she had the big job of going to a puppy class and being the big girl to teach puppies how to behave! There were 3 German Shepherds and one Portuguese Water Dog.  They were all bigger than her!  🙂 But she was very good with all of them. Then she crashed in her crate when I worked Chase in a private lesson.  Playing with puppies is super hard work!

All in all I’m very happy with how Tatum is progressing!

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  1. Nice work on all her training! How do you divide up the time for training between all your dogs? I would have a hard time getting organized with that even with two dogs, I think. When I have foster dogs here, Ace gets very little training and he gets away with a lot because my attention is on the other dog.

    Lindsays last blog post..Walk your dog 101 miles (day 19)

  2. I have two dogs but I did not train in school for dogs. I trained them the only, but of course the effect is not the same as in the school for training dogs. I heard that in a school coaches fight dogs and I decided to train my dogs alone.

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