Didn’t Break Even In Flyball Photo Sales


Well, back from another flyball tournament, this one was in Pahrump, Nevada. Oh boy, I’m dead tired. That’s a long drive. I saw a Danish Swedish Farmdog! Makes me want a Farmdog again. 🙂 But that never really went away!

So I had fun taking pictures. I got mostly box pictures. The downside is I didn’t make enough money to pay for the print cartridges and photo paper I bought for them. Ugh. I started the price at $25 for an 8×10. But I had zero sales for most of the day. In agility we fork out about $65 for an 11×14 so I was thinking $25 was cheap. I guess I was wrong.

But I guess since a weekend of flyball for one dogs is $45, and a weekend of ASCA agility for one dog is $132, I guess maybe agility folk can afford more..?  Well, whatever. At $15 for an 8×10 I sold about 10 of them.. I think.  Not enough to pay for my expenses. Yuck.  However, I am probably going to take pics and sell in Santa Clara, St. George Utah in two weeks. I won’t buy any more supplies, I’ll just see if I can use what I bought to break even. Of course I’d like to make a bit of a profit, too.

I have more pictures online on my PrintRoom shop.  I’d love if you went to look and gave me your honest feedback of the pictures: Printroom Album Saturday April 18, 2009 Flyball.  I’ll get Sunday’s pictures up in a couple of days, probably.

I love this picture of this very pretty light red Aussie off the box. I’m glad that her person bought this one.  I would have! I love her eyes, too.

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  1. Hi! That’s a nice picture you posted there. I just found your blog through the adgitize network and thought I’d stop by to say hi!


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