Not Liking Mono

Flyball Box Turn
Flyball Box Turn

Well, I’m home… still… again…? And not having a fun time with this mono. Oh well. Such is life. I’m taking it easy and watching TV, drinking a lot of chamomile tea, and resting. And trying to eat well so I don’t need to find the best diet pills. Usually when I’m sick I eat badly. This time, I’m eating veggies and staying healthy.

Here’s another picture I took at the last NAFA flyball tournament.  Pahrump Nevada.  I love this picture.  Not sure if this one sold or not. I don’t think so, becuase it’s from Sunday and I didn’t print any pictures from Sunday.  So it’s only on the web. I hope to get my timing better so I can get more pictures off the box like this. However, if a dog has a rotten box turn, no picture can make it look good. LOL.

Some people want CDs with their pictures.. and I’m not sure how much to charge for this. What do you think?  A couple of bucks for each picture? Or a set price for an unlimited number of pictures? I’m going to set up a PDF order form that people can print and write down the pictures they want, and send them in with a check. But my brain isn’t at full capacity so I’m not sure how much to charge. Any ideas?

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  1. Gosh, I don’t know what you should charge either. I was thinking a fixed price per photo with the option of paying a fixed price for the cd with unlimited photos. So, you could encourage them to buy the CD and say it is the better deal because of all the photos they’d get.

    So, maybe $2 per photo or $25 for the CD. Something like that.

  2. Obviously each individual photo would have to be on a CD anyway. So you could give people the choice, $2 per single-shot CD or $25 for “full” CDs with 20 different shots (or whatever number you decide). Maybe the CD would include all the photos you took of that particular dog or that person’s team or something.

    I’m sure you’ll figure out an easy way to do it! I think I’m making this more complicated than it should be!

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