Ali’s Box Turn

Ali Flyball
Ali Flyball

This is Ali, and she’s on our team! We have some really nice box turns on our team. And, I’ll admit, some crappy ones too.  However the bad ones are just from the older dogs who weren’t really trained a nice swimmer’s turn when they started. And, I have to admit, Chase was one of them. I won’t even show you a picture of him on the box, it’s embarrasing!

Ali is a cattle dog and is the litter mate to Apache, another dog on our team. They are both great dogs. I just love them. And Apache is even deaf. And she does such a good job.  However, Apache wouldn’t race at the last tournament. Which I thought was really odd.  So did our whole team. Even though she had Blue Advantage (our team color is blue lol) to help her through! LOL anyway… we didn’t force Apache, of course.  Hopefully she’ll be better at the next tournament. We figured there was something she could sense, that we could not, and we respected that.

I just hope I feel better for the Santa Clara NAFA tournament next weekend. I will feel better. I must feel better!  So that’s why I’m resting this weekend, and probably going to go see a Fibromyalgia doctor this coming week. Something is wrong with me, something beyond a normal sickness, I think. So I’m going to research it and figure it out. I am, ultimately, in charge of my own health.

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