Another Flyball Tourney

Chase Me Flyball
Chase Me Flyball

The first thing that stands out in this picture that I Do Not Like is the red background! Yuck! the other lane had a yellow background. Actually, they alternated red and yellow. I like neutral colors better, but I guess they didn’t set this up for photography! I might need another sd memory card to store pictures on, too.

Anyway, the tournament was fun. I’m dead tired and glad to be home, though.  This tournament was NAFA and was held in Santa Clara, Utah, which is near St. George Utah.  It was super small, only 36 races per day. But it was run like an ASCA or DOCNA trial.. low entry, slow trial. LOL. But it was fun anyway. Chase did a great job. Maybe I’ll get some pictures of him someday. But his box turn is still horrid.

This is Chase Me Frito, a member of our team, the Thunder Paws flyball team.  I think most of my pictures from Saturday were blurry. But maybe I’m just over picky.  Either way you can see more, my entry page to my photo gallery is Collie Tails.

Now back to some regular training and playing with the pups!

2 thoughts on “Another Flyball Tourney”

  1. Your pics from the Santa Clara tournament are awesome, even if you don’t like the backdrop 😉

    Thanks for taking the time. We will enjoy them for sure.

    Gosia and the UTB

  2. I love dogs and I just HAVE to go to the next one of these! I didn’t even know we had shows like this in Utah. Probably worth the drive and maybe my little Snowball can try and perform too 🙂

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