Tatum’s Agility School

Tatum and Chase
Tatum and Chase
More pictures from the flyball tournament! LOL but this one is not of flyball, but of Tatum and Chase playing. After the tournament was over we got to relax and the dogs got to run and play. I love to let them run and play as I think they need to relax and burn off the steam of competition.

Though Tatum didn’t race, she was tired anyway. I worked a little heeling with her, and some dumbbell. She loves it. Her tail wags and she has a happy look on her face.

Yesterday I took Chase, Levi and Tatum out for some work. Chase’s heeling is doing really well! I think he really understands now. Hopefully he’ll do good at the ASCA obedience trial in a couple of weeks. His first obedience trial, he’s in Novice B.

Levi did some open obedience work and did great, too. He’s been stir crazy lately since I haven’t worked with him. Mostly because of his being lame a bit ago but he seems fine again now. He’s in the ASCA obedience too, in Open A.

Tatum got to do some agility and she loves it! She did a jump, tunnel, and jump. I think she’s a little bit advanced for our Friday night classes. I’m thrilled at how much she loves it and how good she does.

I took Muffit to the beginning agility class and he did good too. He jumped and spinned and twirled but he’s learning to settle. And it’s hard for him to settle with other dogs around. But he doesn’t need any Enphedra, he burns a lot of calories being a goof!

Today and tomorrow no dog stuff, just people stuff. And I need to rest. I still have mono and I’m pushing through it but it really is taking it’s toll on me. I need a lot of rest.

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