The Dogs and School

I take the dogs to ‘school’ quite a bit. We have private lessons and group lessons and we do a lot of homework, too. We have to do homework because that is where most of the learning takes place. We get an overview in class, and then we go home and work at home. It’s the same for people school!

My husband is probably going to be starting school soon. Though he is a programmer, I’ve always wanted to study the arts. And I’d love to do so online. ST. Xavier’s online Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction has some great classes in MS Curriculum.

This course focuses on such as diversity, literacy, and how technology integrates into education. It will help you to prepare for instruction in other types of schools and help you better understand curricular issues and how they impact instructional practice.

And so it’s just an interesting thing to look at! 🙂

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