One Q in ASCA Agility

Handsome Chase

I went to an ASCA agility trial today with Chase. I’ve been really sick lately and I haven’t been doing much, and I didn’t feel up to taking any of the other dogs. I only entered Chase and so just brought him.

He did really well. Unfortunately I couldn’t run fast enough or cue him fast enough to really do any good. He got one Q when a friend, Tracy, ran him. She did awesome and she has a border collie that runs a lot like Chase and so she didn’t have to change handling too much to run Chase.

I’m not going to go tomorrow because I feel so totally, completely awful. And Tracy won’t be there. So I’m going to stay home and get better. I hope to get some video of Chase’s runs. I feel bad for Chase not being able to run tomorrow. I wish someone else could take him and handle him. But oh well, there will be more trials in the future.

Now for some rest, no need for liporexall reviews since I have no appetite. I just hope I feel better soon. I’ve been sick way too long now.

2 thoughts on “One Q in ASCA Agility”

  1. Get well soon Cynthia so that you handsome Chase could be able to run. Then get some videos.

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