Chase’s First Obedience Trial Ever!

I am so thrilled with Chase’s first obedience trial! Levi, Chase and I went to an ASCA obedience trial today. I was nervous… I always get more nervous in obedience than in agility. But the boys did great. Levi got his first open Q… his first leg towards his CDX! I was happy, though he only got a 171. If I can just get him that CDX I’ll be super happy, he’s 9.5 years old and a good boy. I’d like to have a CDX on him before he retires.

Chase is only 5, and has lots of years ahead. And he understands heeling now! Just watch the video!

It’s not the best quality of video but it’ll do. I want an HD camera but can’t afford one. Anyway, I’m so proud of my boy. He got a 189.5. He held his sit and down stays just fine. His tail wagging the whole time. People thought he was so cute… lol his tail wagging worries me because it means his drive is up and he could break a stay at any time. But he didn’t. He did great!

We are going back tomorrow too. I hope the boys do well tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Chase’s First Obedience Trial Ever!”

  1. Congratulations! The boys did a fantastic job today. You should be so proud of them both! I can’t wait to hear how things go tomorrow!

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