I Think I’m Getting a Puppy

I don’t want to go into detail yet about what kind of puppy, as I want to make sure everything is going to work out. But I can’t help talking about it.

It’s a boy, and I’m thinking of naming him Jet. I have wanted a small dog for quite some time. And if you ask me the breed, I won’t be telling… at least for a couple of weeks. LOL. I apologize, this is just kinda a teaser huh! But I don’t want anything to go wrong, or to jinx things, and so I’m just trying not to get too excited (boy that’s hard!). Once all the plans are set in stone and the flight is scheduled, then I hope to post some pictures and more information. I have a whole list of things I want to do with a puppy!

And I’ve been feeling awful. I am going to the new doctor in one week. I feel like I have an infection in my neck, or that something is in my neck, that is poisoning the rest of my body. But I’m hanging in there, taking it easy, and trying to take things slow and take care of myself. Maybe a new dress or tuxedo shirt would be good to buy… to pamper myself. I love new clothes!

I plan on taking Chase to an AKC agility trial this weekend. I am going because a couple of my friends are going. I am not really doing AKC with Chase anymore. The courses are too tight for me and he’s so fast. But I’d love to get his Open JWW title, he only needs one more leg, so wish us luck!

Oh and just a note… no hassling me about having too many dogs is allowed. =P All my dogs are very well taken care of, get top of the line medical care, the best food on the market, and plenty of exercise and attention. So if you are tempted to criticize me about the number of dogs I have, just put a sock in it I don’t have the patience and will probably delete your comment since this is my blog! Bhahaaa.

9 thoughts on “I Think I’m Getting a Puppy”

  1. Good luck with the puppy. I am having a ball with Fenris and I know you will have just as much fun with your puppy. I can’t wait to find out more about him.

    alasandras last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  2. Oh I know all your dogs are well taken care of! They are better off than most dogs. I’m excited for you to maybe get a puppy. I bet it is a Jack Russell. No, maybe a Sheltie? I’m excited to see…

  3. A puppy? Awwwwww, Cynthia! I can hardly wait to find out what breed you’ve chosen. I just know he’s going to be fun, fun, fun. (And smart, smart, smart.) I will look forward to seeing you and him at agility classes (well, when he’s old enough, of course).

    (Christy, I would have said the same thing a few years ago, substituting “Shelties” for “dogs”. But, having had up to 22 or 23 dogs living in the house at the same time for weeks on end has convinced me that something like 12 to 15 is enough.)

    SheltieJims last blog post..News on Strawberry & Bucharest to Frankfurt

  4. I have to agree with Jim on this one. There is such a thing as too many dogs. That having been said, I think that for each person those limits are different and you already know your limits from having done rescue for so long. So if you are ready for a puppy, then I have no doubts that you can handle it and the new puppy will have a great life with you!

    Maries last blog post..Jim Basic Seminar

  5. There is never such thing as too many dogs. My friends parents are involved with behavioral training so at any given time there are about 10 dogs at their house (4 of them they personally own). Getting a new puppy is always exciting and I can’t wait to find out which breed you’ll be getting. Good luck to Chase and the Agility trials!

  6. Congrats on deciding to get a new puppy! It will be great to see him on here and hear about his training.

    Good luck at the trail this weekend. I am going to watch, but Hobbs and I aren’t quite ready to compete yet.

  7. Hey.. since you’re in the mood for puppies, you might as well Check Puppy Linux… one of the easiest OS I’ve tried so far. Don’t worry, it works on your usb as well.

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