Cleaning Up The House

Angel on the Couch

Since we are getting a new puppy in the house, we have to clean up. And yeah… our pack is pretty spoiled. 🙂 We have this couch upstairs that is Tatum’s nest. And it looks worse now than this picture shows. She’s got some really nice depressions made in the cushions now.

Well we don’t want a puppy to learn how to chew up couches for fun! So this thing is going to the dump tomorrow. The worst part is I have to empty all the dog crates out of the minivan to put the couch in. But oh well, I guess the van is due for a vacuuming anyway. So maybe I’ll take it to the car wash on the way home.

I also want to organize all the power cords so the puppy will be safe. I’m going to follow the Ian Dunbar books, Before You Get Your Puppy, and After You Get Your Puppy. I haven’t had a puppy in ten years! Wow I can’t believe it’s been that long. So I’ve been reading up and refreshing myself on how best to house train a puppy and set him up for success so he learns to potty outside and only chews up his toys. But ya know how it goes, we have a dog’s house, and things get chewed, and we don’t get mad. 🙂

Maybe I’ll take this old Bob stroller to the dump too, and I’m going to take an old cat tower as well to empty out the house. Yay! I love getting rid of junk!

I think I’m starting to feel better.. maybe just a teeny tiny bit. But I went to the doc last Wednesday and I might have Candida. I read about Candida in the Whole Dog Journal a year or so ago, I didn’t even consider that I might have it! I’ll tell ya though, my sugar cravings have been huge lately, I’m not supposed to eat sugar as it feeds the yeast!

3 thoughts on “Cleaning Up The House”

  1. Introducing a new member to your pack is always an interesting experience. I’ve learned something new each time I’ve gone through it.
    .-= Anne Good´s last blog ..Life According To Lex…Volume 6 =-.

  2. Cnadida?

    I must look that up lol, I hope it’s not something bad?

    Your dog looks some comfy on the cushions, don’t throw them away she will only be upset hehe
    .-= MMDogTraining101´s last blog ..How to Train Your Dog to Stay, Teach Your Dog to Stay =-.

  3. wow that sounds like a lot of work that you have ahead of you… but it will all be worth it to have a well trained puppy.. and a brand new pet to join your family 😉

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