Future Dog Beds

Future Dog Beds
Future Dog Beds

Well since the couch is now gone to the dump (yay!) we need something upstairs in our living room that the dogs can lay on. So we are going to make some dog beds. I went and bought some fleece the other day, isn’t it cute? Blue with doggies, and the pink is breast cancer pink but I couldn’t resist the colors for Tatum. Now watch the boys will lay on the pink and the girls the blue. 😉 Oh well, that’s okay.

I also got some 3 inch foam padding for them. The girls are getting older (Lucy and Angel anyway) and as soon as I brought that home and laid it down, Angel laid right on it.  So I think they will like it a lot.  However, since Lucy is incontinent, we need to get some sort of water proof cover over the foam first. So we ordered some from the same place we got my mattress cover.

Tatum and Chase
Tatum and Chase

We got the cover from Allergy Guard Direct and we love it! We tried the ones from Petmart that they sell for dog bed covers, and the dogs just ripped them up when they scratched to make their beds. But the cover I got for my mattress holds up through scratching, and Lucy’s leaking, and washes really well too. So we hope that the covers come soon so we can start putting the dog beds together!

This second picture is of Chase and Tatum practicing their stays in the spot the old couch used to be.  I’m just so glad that thing is gone, no more puffs of couch stuffing all over to be cleaned up.  Though I do feel guilty that Tatum’s nest is gone.  That’s why we are going to make the dog beds. And they will be nicer and cheaper (I hope) than anything we could buy in a store or online.

So the only thing I did today that took much effort was to take that darn couch to the dump. I’ve been eating so much better, craving sugar like mad though, wanting to try diet pills but I know I shouldn’t so I can get better… and hopefully the down time will help me to feel better and get rid of any yeasties that might be in my body!

5 thoughts on “Future Dog Beds”

  1. Hopefully all that hard work does not go unappreciated. My luck my cat would prefer to sleep next to his new bed rather than in it!

  2. Hrmm, it looks great & surely it will be very comforable for the dogs, BUT I’m certain that it will not be good enough for Jet. 😉
    You know, the absolute favored place to sleep for a Danish/Swedish Farmdog like Jet and all the rest of our dogs – are in our beds, near & very close to us! 🙂
    You can try to foster him, but…well we’ll se whos fostering whoom… 😉

    1. Hehe Erika.. yes we will have to work out the bed arrangements. Last night I had Levi, Muffit on the bed… and Tatum is starting to like to sleep on the bed too, so I was all curled up in a ball. 🙂 Fortunately Jet will be small, so he should fit by my pillow!

  3. Treating dogs closer to men is a good thing to do. Making such things for them is one good way of making them feel like they are loved.

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