Retiring Levi…

The Pack
The Pack

First off, this picture is of me sleeping on the dog shelf! LOL my husband made a nice comfy bed for the top of it, so me, Muffit and Chase piled on, while Lucy and Levi got the main part of the couch.

And now… Yeah, it’s hard to retire a dog isn’t it? It is sad because they are getting older. And I have tried to get more CDX legs on Levi, but he’s having a hard time so I think I’m going to retire him from obedience and be happy with our ASCA-CD and AKC-CD. Levi has given me his whole heart all his life, and I want him to live many more happy years and so I want to be careful about his body and make sure he is healthy.

I will still do some agility with him, though I won’t put him through weaves anymore. I think if he never had to do them again, he’d be happy! Maybe some Outer Banks travels we can go to… like camp, but we’ll see.  I am going to try carting with him, a low impact slow sport that he’s never done before. But a friend of mine has a harness and cart we can borrow, and there is a draft trial this October that I really would love to enter him in.

He is slowing down, but he’s by no means so slow he can’t work, go to the park and camping, and have fun.  He just didn’t get the best foundation training because 9 years ago I didn’t know what I was doing.  Through the years I have learned a lot, and Levi has done so much. We’ve done conformation, obedience, herding, agility, camping, hiking, loving, and maybe carting.  I love my Levi boy with all my heart. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Retiring Levi…”

  1. That is such a hard decision to make. I think you’re doing the right thing for Levi though. It’s just so incredibly hard for us to watch them start to slow down, especially when you have such a strong connection with them like you do with Levi.
    .-= Marie´s last blog ..Layla Agility Video =-.

  2. I LOVE that photo! But that’s because I’d nap elsewhere so as not to disturb the pack.

    Aside from that, when your pup starts to age and struggle and not enjoy its previous pleasures the kindest you can do is to lighten their load (retire). It’s hard and hardest knowing that impending heartbreak is lurking. But Levi is a good strong boy and you are a good pack mom.

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