What’s Tatum Up To?

Tatum In Her Dog Bed
Tatum In Her Dog Bed
Well I haven’t posted much lately so I thought I’d give an update as to what Tatum has been doing lately!

She is a super girl, even though she’s not, and may never be, completely house trained. I still adore her. She is starting to play with Jet, but she is a bit rough with him and I’m afraid she’s going to step on him by accident. He is such a teeny boy in our big-dog house! So I watch them very closely. I’m sure once Jet is older he’ll be pushing Tatum around and will be able to rough house with her easily.

She is still doing some agility training, and some obedience. Since I have Jet now, he is getting most of my attention (he’s a puppy, and puppies get a lot of attention!) so Jet and Chase are my primary trainees now. Tatum will be trained as I have time. She’ll do agility, for sure, and maybe get a CD in obedience. Beyond that I don’t know what she’ll do, we’ll have to take her one training day at a time and see!

Friday mornings she’s been doing agility and she is starting to sequence obstacles. She isn’t afraid of any of them, which is awesome. Even the teeter that moves! And she loves the training too.

So as I get all my pictures saved to free online storage, I’ll be putting more up of her too. She is still a brat, and spoiled rotten, which is exactly how she should be. 😉

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  1. Glad Tatum’s keeping busy. She looked really good when I came up the last time for an obedience lesson. She’s made a ton of progress since she first came to live with you!!!
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