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Okay so I’m trying to read up online and understand how the ARBA championship program works.  ARBA is the American Rare Breed Association.  Jet, being a Danish Swedish Farmdog, is a registrable breed in ARBA.  And he’s pure bred so I’d really like to see if I can get an ARBA Championship on him. And I also hope to take him back to Sweden sometime and show him there, as well.


So I’ve been Googling and reading the ARBA website to try to understand how it works. AKC is pretty straight forward… you need 15 points to get your championship. And you have to have 2 major wins. A Major is.. errr.. I think 3 or 4 points in the show. I forget, it’s been a while. Levi got all his points by the time he was 18 months old. Including the majors. He is a good lookin’ boy. 🙂

So instead of Green shopping I’m looking for ARBA CH information. From what the ARBA website says, the dog needs to accumulate CAC-US Certificates.  The dog can get one by being awarded an ‘Excellent’  rating at an ARBA show. I wonder if more than one dog can get this rating at the same show… or if only one can win like in AKC?  Anyway, so it seems like if your dog gets 9 CAC-US certificates from 6 different judges, you can apply for, and get, the ARBA CH. Which is the American Rare Breed Association Championship.
From the ARBA Website:

To become an ARBA Champion, the following is required:

1. As of 1/1/98, Nine(9) CAC-US (Certificate of Aptitude for Championship in the United States) must be given from 6 different Judges to a dog whose breed is fully recognized by ARBA.

2. Classes that are divided by sex which a dog may be eligible to compete for CAC-US: 6-9 Months, 9-15 Months, Bred by Exhibitor, American Bred & Open.

3. Effectively July 1, 1999, the American Rare Breed Association will no longer offer the Breed Club Class as one of its classes for its shows.

4. Only ARBA Champions will be eligible for Best of Breed Class ARBA Jr. Champions are not eligible for the Best of Breed Class.

5. The first, second, third and fourth place dog in each class will receive a Rating. The dogs/bitches will be rated as one of the following: Excellent, Very Good, Satisfactory or Good. A first place dog or bitch must receive a rating of excellent to be eligible for a CAC-US and to compete in the winners class. In other words, if the first place dog is not rated by the Judge as excellent, it will not be able to compete in the winners class and won’t be eligible to receive a CAC-US. The CAC-US will be indicated on the judges sheet and accounted for by ARBA.

6. ARBA will notify you when you have attained all the requirements which qualifies your dog as an American Rare Breed Champion. You must then follow all the rules and regulations to receive your championship certificate. No dog will be officially an American Rare Breed Champion until the certificate of championship is issued.

I have heard it said that the ARBA DSF judges don’t really know the Danish Swedish Farmdog breed standard very well… so I don’t know how many Excellent they give out. If any. Unless they bring in a judge from over seas. So… as I live, I will learn, and find out how it all works! Took me a long time to understand AKC CH… and I still don’t really understand what goes beyond Winners Dog and Winners Bitch. 🙂

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  1. This seems like a long checklist, is it really difficult for ones dog to meeet that criteria?
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