Every Day I’m Amazed

Jet and his Toy
Jet and his Toy
Every single day I live with this boy, I’m amazed. Jet is such a great pup. He is so sweet and loving, he loves to snuggle, and… well, I’m not sure if I can really describe how wonderful he is.

He loves to learn. He knows sit, stand and down now. Boost and Off (to jump on me and off me). He lets me look at his teeth and dremel his toenails. He goes potty outside all the time. And he has a very bright and cheerful spirit that makes everyone laugh.

I know I’ve been around rescue dogs for too long. Jet makes eye contact, something the rescue dogs have a hard time doing. He chases me and comes to me all the time… another thing the rescue dogs don’t usually do, becuase they have had bad starts with mean people so coming was a bad thing, not good. He peacefully chews bones. He sleeps on the couch and the bed with me. He is just so sweet and amazing. And he’s so flexible too!

He does chew on a lot of things. He doesn’t quite reach the ceiling fans though, which is good. 😉 But he has lots of toys and chew bones that I put in his mouth if he gets something he is not supposed to have. He does love chewing on our wicker foot stool in the basement… but we might just let him chew on that one. LOL It’s expendable. So we don’t worry about it.

I’m going to take him to Chicago in October for the Danish Swedish Farmdog Club of America National Specialty with ARBA. That’ll be fun! I haven’t gotten his ARBA registration yet though… I really need to get that. Or else I probably can’t even enter him. LOL… details! I’m sure it’ll work out though, we still have some time!

5 thoughts on “Every Day I’m Amazed”

  1. I’m really happy for you. It’s so great that he’s turning into everything that you hoped he would be and more!

  2. What is “Danish Swedish Farmdog Club”?

    I am little currious, because I am from Denmark.
    .-= Lån Penge´s last blog ..Hvad koster det at låne? =-.

  3. Ah, sorry.

    I can see know, that it is a special dog breed.

    In danish it is actually also called “Dansk Svensk Gårdhund”.
    .-= Lån Penge´s last blog ..Hvad koster det at låne? =-.

  4. I’m so jealous… We have a 1 year old beagle that seems to be the exact opposite of your little guy… I wanted a dog to take in the field hunting but realized that now I really want to try obedience and agility too. It looks like our beagle royal will need to get a new buddy! 🙂

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