Tatum is Sequencing

Tatum in a crate
Tatum in a crate

So Tatum is doing great in agility! She really is. She is learning to put obstacles together in sequence. I’m very proud of her. She’s not too sure yet about doing jumps at speed, but she is having fun, her tail is up, and she really loves it. She likes that I run beside her too. At flyball practice she tends to run off… but it’s not as structured as agility is and I don’t run beside her. So we will work at agility more to get her the idea of doing jumps, and other obstacles, in order.

This picture is of her in a dog crate we had set up in the front room. She loves the crates. 🙂 It was for Jet… but we took it down already becuase Jet just doesn’t need crates.  It’s weird, having a puppy that doesn’t need to be in a crate. :p

Anyway back to Tatum. She’s starting to learn front crosses, too. I tried some rear crosses with her but she doesn’t have the commitment to the jumps yet that she needs to learn rear crosses. I need to break it down, too. I tried to do some rear cross training without jumps, but I actually think the jumps make it more clear to her.  And I keep the jump bars really low, like 8 inches, just so it gives us something to focus on.

Tatum is so much fun to do agility with. I need to get serious about her weaves. I really think she could be ready to compete by next spring. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Tatum is Sequencing”

  1. Oh,that’s so cool that Tatum is having a good time doing agility. It would be fun if we could get both Layla and Tatum ready to do some agility in the spring! 🙂
    .-= Marie´s last blog ..First Time to the Lake =-.

  2. It’s funny how some dogs love their crates and use them like their den and some don’t care for them at all. I tried using crates on my 4 dogs. One of mine, Roxy would totally freak out when we tried to put her in a crate.

    Tatum is doing great with her agility! I’d love to see a video of her in action!
    .-= Cathy´s last blog ..Pumpkin Dog Costumes =-.

  3. wow this is awesome. i never though of competing with my dog. but i have a collie and she is incredibly intelligent. how do you get into this? i would be a total beginner so where might i find someone to show me the ropes?
    .-= Matt “High Jump” Owen´s last blog ..10 tips to increase your vertical =-.

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