Sweet Angel Is Getting Old


Here is our sweet Angel. I can’t help saying Sweet Angel because she is our sweetest dog. She is probably about 13 years old now… and we don’t have low cost health insurance for her. But we do save enough each month so we can take care of her as she needs it as she gets older.

She is doing really well even though she is slowing down quite a bit.  She is going up and down the stairs a lot slower than in the past. And she doesn’t like the heat we have been having… okay she never really liked the heat but she likes it even less now.

But she’s happy and loves scratches on the ears and she loves it when she gets ahold of a sock or a shoe and I chase her around. She runs out the dog door to get away. She’s very slow when I chase her but she’s so darn cute we have a good time. I have to run at her speed which is, really, walking slow, instead of running. LOL

We hope she’ll be with us for a lot longer but we hope we have given her a great life. She was a rescue too and came to us with a broken leg. I need to post up a picture from when she has her cast on, poor dear. We adore her.

5 thoughts on “Sweet Angel Is Getting Old”

  1. Awww, that brings a tear to my eye, I was thinking poor doggy and health insurance. 13 is a brave enough age for such a dog. My friend had a little mongrel dog that lived until it was 20 years old, an amazing feat for such a tiny dog. I hope there’s still lots of life left in your friend.

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  2. It is a hard thing when the animals get old. I am glad you are enjoying every minute you can and making games that she can do. She does look like a very sweet angel and I am sure that is because you have made a wonderful home for her.
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  3. That is so sad. I’ve had several dogs throughout my life and it never ever gets any easier watching them get old.
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