Agility Training with Chase

Sunday Morning I went with some friends and did some agility training. I’m kinda pissed at the AKC courses because they are so hard for me to handle with Chase. But I’m learning. And these training sessions have been invaluable to me. A friend got a course map from Agility Nerd and we tried it out. Below is a video of me and Chase. You’ll have to visit the link above to see the course map. I need to read over the options now that I’ve run the course.

So don’t criticize my outfit too much. LOL pink pants and purple top… I don’t think Chase cared. But maybe the best diet pills would help me drop some pounds so I could run faster.

I’ve put in a few comments in the video, but not many. We are getting it, but we needed help in a few areas of the course. It was fun and challenging and I learned a lot from it. I hope my learning sticks for next weekend when we head up to Pocatello for AKC agility!

7 thoughts on “Agility Training with Chase”

  1. Thanks for posting a video of this course. It was good to see you work through the little issues!

    My (unasked for!) 2 cents would be to consider where you use shoulder pulls/post turns. They tend to cue extension and that was what was happening when your pup went of course. The shoulder pull also keeps the handler stationary and a lot of dogs don’t react to it by staying close to the handler. If you can use more motion and/or crosses (to keep moving) instead I think your dog will stay cued into you better.

    I’ve found the more I move the more my dog looks to see what I’m indicating as the next thing.

    .-= Steve´s last blog ..2009 FCI Championship Course Diagrams =-.

  2. Thanks for sharing progress in Video form. I enjoyed watching your dog make those mistakes and the fact that you never gave up after trials. That goes along way to say practice make perfect. & BTW, your outfit wasn’t that ridiculous – it’s weekend (& in your backyard?) which means anything could have been forgiven 🙂 Thanks again

  3. Looking by here and learn and see so many beautiful things. Keep Up!
    .-= moratmarit´s last blog ..How to Downgrade Firefox =-.

  4. Looks like you have some nice distance control with him. Plus, he is focused on you and fast! Makes me want to get out and work on agility.

    I like your outfit! You should see some of the stuff I wear when I’m out with the dog…
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