Took The Boys To Dog Lake

Hike to Dog Lake
Hike to Dog Lake

A couple of weekends ago my husband and I went hiking up to Dog Lake up Millcreek Canyon. It was fun. It was my first hike of the year… and yeah I know it was already September. I do so many dog sports that I never get enough time to hike, which I love to do.

We took Levi, Chase and Muffit. They all had a great time. Chase blew his pads, of course, but he healed up fast. And I think his pads are getting tougher.

Muffit needs the exercise, he sure is high energy and bugs us when he doesn’t get to go on a walk or a hike for a day or two. Fortunately my husband is really good at taking him. Today he took Muffit, Lucy and Angel to Tanner Park.  Lucy and Angel are slow but that’s okay, Muffit runs around enough for all of them. 🙂

The dogs are great at sticking around us and keeping us safe. No need for identity theft protection… oh wait, that’s online! He he.. I always feel safe with the big dogs around me. No one would mess with me and them. Jet.. well, he’s little, but I bet he would be good at protecting his Mom anyway!

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  1. I love that Ace stays by me when he’s off leash. I take that for granted as I know a lot of dogs are more independent or get distracted when they smell or see a small animal. I’m glad you got out for a good hike with the dogs. I need to do that before it gets too cold!
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