A Puppy And The Seasons

Jet in the Rain
Jet in the Rain

I have always wondered what a puppy thinks of his life when the first seasons change. Jet was born at the end of April, and he was a baby until summer, really. When it was pretty hot in Sweden where he was.

Today we had the first rain and thunder storm since Jet came to live with us. And since we are not in condos in Destin Florida, we get lots of seasons and it can get super cold here. This morning was funny because when we opened the door to let the dogs out, Jet ran to the first step and just stood there, sniffing the rain. We don’t get much rain here, so it was a new experience! He didn’t want to go out in the rain, of course. Probably the collies have convinced him that dogs melt in the rain. 🙂

Soon there will be snow, and I wonder what Jet will think of that! I don’t think he’ll like it too much, as he tends to get cold fairly easily. I’m going to be getting him a coat to keep him warm soon, I just want him to fill out a bit so he doesn’t outgrow it!

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  1. My dog (who unfortunately is no longer with us) would become somewhat morose around winter. His tail would wag slower, he would become more lethargic. I think it was just the chill, but my brother was convinced that it was some sort of a “psychological” effect of the cold.
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