Going to School…

My husband is currently going to school. He, like me, went right out of high school and then dropped out. College is so much different than High School. It took us a while to mature enough to go back and get our degrees. Now I sometimes wish I could go back and study Animal Behavior, but I don’t know if I can find the money. And I’d prefer to attend an online university instead of having to go into a school on a regular basis.

So even though I don’t wan an online business degree, I was looking at online schools. I’d want an accredited school… so many of the online schools are not accredited with reputable accreditation places so that makes it hard.

The Western Governors University is something I am considering. They are Non-Profit and their tuition is half as much as other online universities. They also have six month segments… you pay for six months at a time, instead of by credit ours. And it’s a set amount, and it’s affordable! And they are accredited by the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities, which accredits a number of highly reputable Universities and Colleges. Hrm…

Well, I have a while yet to decide. I have about four more years before I can retire and do something else… maybe I’ll just play with my dogs! LOL

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