Flyball and the Vampire

Jet the Vampire
Jet the Vampire

Went to flyball last weekend and had a great time. It’s the annual Jumps and Jackpots put on by Touch N Go Flyball Team from Las Vegas, Nevada. They have it in Utah because there’s a really nice location here which is easier to us because we don’t have to drive so far.

I put this little costume on Jet. It’s nothing special, just a Vampire costume I got from Petco. And it’s hard to hold him on a leash while taking pictures.

I bought some dog supplies while I was there, some stuff for dogs’ feet in the snow so the ice balls don’t get bad in their pads. Chase needs that the ice balls get terrible in his feet in the winter when we go on walks. Hopefully this will help.

We have agility this weekend but I’m down with a cold. I really want to go, though. It’s ASCA and I was sick for the last ASCA trial in the spring, dangit!  So I only went one day and even then I did terrible because I was feeling awful.  So maybe I’ll go tomorrow and if I can’t handle Chase then we’ll just come home. Bleh. I was really looking forward to this trial.

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  1. Hehe, I think he was even more convincing as a vampire without the costume a month or so ago when he was teething.

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