Do Dogs Think We’re Nuts?

Did ASCA agility today with Chase.  Dragged my body out of my sick bed. Ugh.  We had fun though. I still want a higher Q rate.  Out of six runs he only got one Q. Fortunately that was in Standard Novice and he needed that for his title. So I’m glad he got it.

Here’s one of his jumpers runs. Very pretty runs. He knocked a bar early on so I didn’t really work the end peice and he back jumped where he shouldn’t. That sequence confused me anyway since I knew I wouldn’t be up there between those jumps. Oh well, we did good anyway and I was happy with the runs.  We don’t do much ASCA that’s why he’s still in the lower levels. In AKC he’s in excellent A.

We go again tomorrow, maybe we’ll be better. I am still pretty sick though and I can’t hear out of my left ear. Everything is off and my head is stuffed. We’ll have fun though. I did a lot of sitting around today, even out in the van surfed the web a bit on my phone looking for home insurance to see if we can get a better rate. Tomorrow I’ll do the same. It’s hard for me to just sit at dog events. I get nervous and am always on my feet.

Oh and as for the title of this post… Chase loves agility, he doesn’t know when he does bad or when he knocks a bar. He’s just a nut and loves the rush. I think he likes the structure too, and the learning we do. But he doesn’t know if we Q or not. He’s just happy to do this weird thing that his human Mom likes. 🙂

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