Fifteen Percent Is Too Low

Well this isn’t a picture of Chase, it’s a picture of super cute Jet… LOL but Jet makes me happy! Okay Chase makes me happy too but he’s not a wiggly cute puppy anymore. 🙂

Handsome Jet

Anyway so Chase got 2 Qs this weekend out of 12 runs. I’ve been told (since my math is horrible) that’s about 15%. For a fast, long strided dog, in ASCA, I think that’s too low. It’s too low for my tastes, anyway. We almost got a gamblers Q but he didn’t do what I wanted on the A-Frame so I left the course early. Ugh.

Chase is awesome, and I need to pick it up. It’s not him, it’s me. Well except the A-Frame. He usually has a stellar A-Frame contact and he was blowing it last weekend. Only going in one direction, though. I don’t know what it was about that direction. Bleh. Maybe it was because it was a slatless A-Frame but I don’t think so. He knows how to control himself on those too.

Anyway I’m working on my handling skills a lot and I am getting a lot better. Maybe I need to get away from the dog stuff for a bit, look for some term life insurance instead, and just relax! 🙂

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