Worried About Angel

Angel March 2009
Angel March 2009

We are pretty worried about our sweet Angel… Angel Pumpkin Spice Girl. We got her in 2002 and in the last few months she has really, really slowed down.

She’s loosing her footing more often now, and having a hard time standing up. She moves really slow. She is eating well, though, and pooping well so that’s good. She eats more than the rest of our dogs and she’s not fat. We worry that she’ll end up being one of those old skinny dogs so we feed her a lot to keep weight on her. She’s not fat though. She is just fine now.

We are afraid she is not going to be with us much longer, though. We will not let her suffer. I’ve learned a lot since I had Kip and kept him alive a bit longer than I should have. She won’t be spending any time in metal buildings, she has her soft beds and comfy places to sleep. She likes to be in the basement in my husband’s computer room where it’s safe and cozy and dark.

I love my Pumpkin Girl… I don’t want her to go. I hope we’ve given her a good long life. We are assuming she is about 13, but we don’t really know how old she was when she came to live with us.

She likes the couch, too, as this picture shows.

I love you sweet Angel.

3 thoughts on “Worried About Angel”

  1. Purring that Angel is with you for many years to come.
    .-= Socks, Scylla, Charybdis & Fenris´s last blog ..Dona Nobis Pacem =-.

  2. Cynthia, I sympathize with you. It is so hard when our beloved pets get old. Having gone through 2 this year I know exactly how you feel. Give her lots of hugs and kisses and enjoy the time you have left with her.
    .-= Flo´s last blog ..Memories =-.

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