The Two Originals

Lucy and Levi
Lucy and Levi

Of all our seven dogs, Lucy and Levi have been with us the longest. Lucy is the cornerstone of our pack… she’s both alpha and she’s been here the longest. Levi came just 9 short months after her. They were my only two dogs for a while and I am quite bonded to both of them.

When they were younger they would fight about bones.. but now they don’t much anymore. I love how they were both chewing bones on this dog bed.  They actually don’t do this very often, either.  But they are the first smooth blue collies I ever had.  Lucy will be 11 in February, and Levi just turned 10. Wow, how time flies. I remember when they were little puppies.

I’ve been blogging about them for a while now, putting their info into web directorys sometimes too.  Lucy has the Megaesophagus, and she’s doing really, really well. She still eats four times a day and spends 20 minutes after in her chair. She put weight back on and is healthy and happy.  Levi is retired from dog sports but loves to guard bones and go for walks.

They are my pack cornerstones and they better be around for a long time still.

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