A Good Excuse To Stay Home

Jet and Tatum in the Snow
Jet and Tatum in the Snow

I have to admit… as much as I love the dog sports, it’s nice to have some snow outside on the ground… it’s a good excuse to stay home and not compete or train quite as much as I have been. Summer just gets too full of dog sports sometimes and I need a break.  Here’s a picture of Jet and Tatum playing in the snow we got over the weekend.  They sure have fun in the snow!

I have been training inside, though.  Jet is learning to roll over and shake. He is so smart, he is really picking up on them fast.  I’ve been teaching him on the bed in the bedroom where it’s comfy for him to roll over. So hopefully he won’t think he only rolls over in the bedroom.  😉  We’ve also been doing crate games where if he stays in the crate he gets lots of treats. And when I release him to come out he gets treats and tugs.  He loves it!

I also did some jump work with Tatum and Chase in the basement. I want to make jumps more valuable for Tatum since she doesn’t seem to crazy about them.  So I think it’ll work for her so she’ll like the jumps better. And I’m following the Linda Mecklenburg book I got to help Chase to round over jumps more and have tighter turns.  Hopefully that’ll help too.

So having some nice lazy quiet weekends at home is wonderful, and I am enjoying myself!

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  1. White Cristmas? What’s that? It’s Summer here in Australia!
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