A Lazy Weekend

Jet On Pink
Jet On Pink

So it’s been a nice lazy weekend so far. I went and did some agility training last Friday with Tatum. Brought Jet along too for some crate games and recalls and fun. He rolled in the dirt and got nice and brown, of course. 🙂

Tatum did really well. She likes 12″ jumps better than 16″ jumps. She should jump 20″, as she’s just over 20″ at the shoulder, but I’m going to keep her in preferred so she’ll just jump 16″. She’s not really built for 20″ and I don’t think we are going to be MACH contenders or anything. 🙂 We’ll just have some fun. I need to still make the higher jumps more exciting for her.

It’s been dry here like it always is in the winter. I need some humidifier filters for my humidifier to get things a bit more moist again. The dogs don’t seem to care, though. So that’s good.

This week is Thanksgiving so I don’t know how much dog stuff we’ll do. I’ll have to do some short training at home. I have a kink in my back though so I’m not doing much but sitting around today hoping it’ll go away. Yuck.

Jet is such a cutie and I have a zillion pictures of him already.  And I think we need to go out and get some more soon. 🙂

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