Some Thanksgiving Fun

Jet, Tatum, and Cocker Puppies
Jet, Tatum, and Cocker Puppies

Well we had a big Thanksgiving Day. I hope you all had a good day, whatever you do on this day. We love to spend time with family… both human and canine. We were lucky enough to bring Tatum and Jet with to my husband’s sister’s house for a bit.. even though Tatum peed on the carpet, UGH! She is a brat. They got some new cocker puppies and they sure are cuties!

We got there late as we visited my parents first. Chatted about various life things, auto insurance quotes, movies, life, calories, and stuff.

It was a lot of fun.  Jet had a great time, as did Tatum. Hopefully they will both have an easy quiet evening now. I ate too much, but tomorrow I’m going to eat better again.  And maybe I’ll go out in the morning and do some walking too, try to do some exercise.

3 thoughts on “Some Thanksgiving Fun”

  1. I am out on Cape Cod for Thanksgiving with my extended family. My father-in-law and my brother-in-law both brought their Golden Doodle puppies, who have been having a blast playing with one another, but have also been trying to snatch food off the tables and have had a few accidents of their own.

    I hope you are having as great a Thanksgiving as we are.
    .-= aldon @ orient lodge´s last blog ..Thanksgiving Morning on Cape Cod =-.

  2. I was following Tatum and Jet on Tatum Tot Spice, but I see you’ve bought an ad for this one, so perhaps this is the blog you would rather we follow? Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Playtime for the kids is always important!

  3. They are extremely cute pups 🙂 i would love a new dog at the moment, what type of dog is that mostly white one ?
    .-= Finance Management´s last blog ..Single Mom Financial Assistance =-.

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