A Good Open A Run

Well Chase didn’t qualify, though we kinda thought he should…. the judge NQd him because he whined for a minute on his five minute out of sight down stay. Which really isn’t failing half the exercise. But oh well. He did really well anyway. And it was a hard place for him because agility was going on and that is where he loves to do agility. So his heeling is sloppy. But his jumps are great and so is his drop on recall. 🙂

We are still training open and we’ll get the title. This is ASCA. There are a lot of ASCA Obedience shows around here so I’m not worried about it. On the first day he went down on his sit stay… he just had to smell something in the dirt! But otherwise he did good then too.

Now I need to find the opposite of the best hair loss products for Chase, since he’s loosing coat this winter again. Hopefully it’ll come back in the spring!

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