I Swore No More Fosters

Titus and Jet
Titus and Jet

Yeah yeah, I swore no more fosters. And I’m really sticking to that except in very special circumstances.

This is Titus. He is the son of Sonny, a smooth sable collie boy who lives around here locally and I just adore him. Poor Titus’ Mom in California, his Human Mom, passed away recently and he was going to go back to his breeder. Which is good… except his breeder is having problems of her own. Her Mom has had to move in with her and needs 24/7 care, and so she doesn’t really have the resources to take care of Titus either.

So he’s with us now. And, yes, we already love him. He is very sweet and a bit shy and needs some confidence building. And in California they didn’t have any stairs so he doesn’t know stairs, but we are working on that. He might actually go to another foster home, a friend of mine, which would be good for us because we will just fall in love with him too fast! Though we might have him at least through the end of December.

Titus is a smooth tricolored collie boy. I didn’t really like the tris as much as the other colors… but the more I see him and spend time with him, I think I like the tris just as much. He is so fancy and handsome in his suit. And now we have one of each color of collie except the white…. we have the blue merles, the sables, and the tricolor…. and well, we have been joking that Jet is a color-headed white. LOL.. he’s a mini-smooth-collie tri-headed white! Hehe okay okay he’s a Danish Swedish Farmdog but it’s kinda funny.

So for nowwe sit under the ceiling fan and try to get this guy a good home. I think he’ll be easy to find a home for. He’s so sweet and gorgeous and people love collies. 🙂

One thought on “I Swore No More Fosters”

  1. hahaha! I just went through this with a standard poodle. Telling the rescue I work with no.more.fosters. (until winter is over)then BOOM! I’m cancelling Christmas travel and – make a longish story short – they found another rescue for the man!

    It’s either in you, or it’s not. And when it’s in you, it never really goes away (thankfully).

    BTW – my assistant brought her Bernese and her landlords’ smooth sable tricolor collie to work today (first time for the collie). What a lovely breed.

    Cynthia, you can’t make your heart smaller than it is.

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