Taking Things From Dogs

Collie and Danish Swedish Farmdog Playing
Jet and Tatum - Buddies

I try never to take things from my dogs. It can really make them play keep-away and hide-the-bones and other things that we don’t really want with the dogs. Instead of taking anything from my dogs I will trade them. For another toy, or a treat, or a game of tug or play or something. Anything so they don’t think I’m just taking things from them left and right and if they have anything at all they need to run with it so I don’t take it away.

I made the mistake of taking a dead mouse out of Jet’s mouse a while back and now he is really reluctant for me to get near him when he has anything that valuable, and icky! But if he has one now, I will go inside and get a liver treat and then trade him for the dead mouse. Hoping that he doesn’t swallow it before I get back. So far, so good. He seems to like to play with the things instead of swallowing. :p Though how a liver can be worth trading for a dead mouse I don’t know! 🙂

Sometimes I will take a shoe or something if I don’t have anything to trade and if I’m in a hurry. But that’s few and far between. I want to make sure that the dogs will not steal things and keep them away from me or my husband. You never know when the dogs might get into something dangerous that they really need to give up. Plus, for obedience training the dogs have to bring back dumbbells and articles and things, and so bringing has to be fun!

This picture is cute isn’t it? It’s of Tatum and Jet going out to play. They are best buddies and I’m so glad they are. I love it when my dogs are attached to each other and not just me. Dogs are dogs, after all, and I want them to have dog time. After Tatum plays, she always seems so satisfied that she needs a cigar or a cigarette. LOL she’s such a goof!

5 thoughts on “Taking Things From Dogs”

  1. I haven’t spent that much time around dogs in an obedience kind of environment, but I’ve definitely noticed the reticence to give up toys and other items, so the concept of a trade is interesting. Are there any things you’ve attempted to give in exchange that have been rejected?
    .-= aiche´s last blog ..Welcome to Custard’s New Character Mart =-.

  2. This might explain why I always find little dog treat buried under my pillow when I go to bed. So you’re saying that if I swap rather than snatch – by bed will be kibble free?

  3. Adorable picture to go with a fun article! Great job!
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..Pet Ego Jet Set Dog Carrier =-.

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