Jet and the Feetz Box

I’ve been doing lots of training with Jet… I guess I should post more about it. I’ve been posting up little video clips on my YouTube account.

Here is one thing we are working on. I call it the Feetz Box. I am not calling it a perch box because I have two other type boxes that I consider perch boxes. 🙂

So this teaches him a lot of rear-end awareness. Dogs don’t really know they have a rear end… and it’s so good to teach them that they do, and to be aware of it! Being aware of their whole bodies is great for obedience and agility.

I’m using clicker training quite a bit with him. I have to remember the Always on Cue, Only on Cue thing, though, because my dogs tend to start offering so much that I have a hard time focusing on any one thing. So I’m going to teach him when it’s okay to offer, and when it’s not.

This will help Jet learn to heel, too, for obedience. And to move In with me on the left turns. And it’ll help for Rally, too. It’s just an all around good exercise and Jet loves it to! He learned to get his Feetz up there fast, and he is really learning to turn!

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