Chase’s Obedience Training

Border Collie Obedience
Winter is for obedience… or so it has been for the last year or so. It’s hard to get out and do agility or flyball so we work inside and work on obedience. Chase breezed through his CD in both AKC and ASCA and so we are training him up for Open and Utility.

His open is just about ready though, of course, once in a while he’ll pull something weird out of the air. Yesterday on the broad jump he actually went around it a couple of times, instead of over, which he has never done before. But we’d trained the retrieve over the high just before, and put the high jump off to the side, the side he went around the broad jump. When we moved that away then he seemed to be fine. We guessed he was pulling toward that jump. Goofy boy. He’s too smart for his own good. 🙂

On Friday we were working Utility exercises. He is so good. We worked the Go-Out where he has to go to the other end of the ring and spin and sit. He has a gorgeous Go-Out thanks to flyball. LOL And he has good distance control too so his spin and sit are also really nice! Even without a treat.

So yesterday we were working scent articles (we still have some cheese on there so he knows, for sure, which one to pick up). One time he went to the pile, picked up the correct article, then spun and sat, looking all proud of himself. LOL he is way too smart! So we have to tell him that the article pile and the go out are different, and let him know what the right things are. 🙂 He understands so fast and he is such a good smart boy. We use lots of treats and praise and tugs and he is really starting to understand a lot.

In March he’ll go into AKC Open A, which I really need to enter… okay I printed the premium so I can do that tomorrow.

Anyway, Chase needs more physical activity, but the weather just sucks. Maybe he could work an elliptical… or maybe I need one instead. Or a treadmill. Many dogs use treadmills in the winter! I should jog but the pollution outside just makes me sick to look at, much less breathe. :p

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