A Collage of Jet

Well I just found out that PIcasa will make collages! Oooo now the world is in trouble. LOL. So I’ve been playing with it for a bit with, of course, Jet. So here’s a cute collage of Jet. From before his eyes were open to this month.

Hopefully collages are not as painful as the benefits of colon cleansing… lol. But they are way more fun! I got the idea of the collages from Mutts and A Klutz. But she’s using another software… GIMP. Which I also like but I like Picasa better!

So back to fooling with Collages… I’ll have to make one of Tatum, and one of Levi… and one of all the other dogs, then one of all the dogs together… dang I have a lot to do!  😉

3 thoughts on “A Collage of Jet”

  1. Oooooh I love it!! I will definitely check out Picasa — making collages with Gimp was very painful actually, really hard to get the margins between the pictures uniform. Picasa sounds awesome though, and you did a great job with this. I love the photo of him in the grass with his orange toy… and in the water… and in the snow… and in the garden… okay, all of them! Have fun with the collages of your other dogs.

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