Tatum in DOCNA!

Well I sent in the entry for the DOCNA agility trial.. and I entered Tatum. She’ll be in ASCA this month, but only in pre-novice because I can’t chose to jump her at 16″ unless she’s in veterans. That bugs me. I won’t jump her 20″. So DOCNA will be our first real venue…

I don’t know if she’ll qualify, but I want her in the environment and to see how fun it is. I only entered her in Jumpers and Gamblers. She doesn’t weave yet, but it’ll come this summer. Maybe some ring terminals will help… hrm. Maybe not.

She is my baby girl and I’m excited to enter her in agility. I don’t think she’s really ready, and sometimes I’m nervous, sometimes I’m not. But it’ll be fun either way!

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