Angel Is Doing Okay

Angel, Jet, Tatum and Muffit
Well, just a wee update on Angel. She is doing pretty good. She is old, for sure, and very slow. I wish we could do more for her but there’s no cure for old age. Ugh. She goes slow everywhere, but she eats really well, potties outside just fine, and likes to chew on pig ears.

She doesn’t play much anymore… she does sometimes, but I have to keep Jet away because he will pull toys and socks right out of poor old Angel’s mouth. She doesn’t have the strength or the attitude to get toys away from Jet. And Jet doesn’t understand that Angel needs gentle play now.

Maybe when it warms up we can get some outdoor fireplaces and sit outside with her and relax. She loves it outside. But it’s a bit too cold now and so we keep her inside except to potty. She is a good girl and she’s hanging in there are we love her very much.

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