Sick and Guilty

Bleh, I have been sick since last Wednesday and I’m feeling guilty about not working with the dogs as much as I want to. So here they are all hogging the couch. 🙂

The Couch

I know that they are, really, just fine having a few days off… maybe I’m starting to feel better and so I want to work more now, but I still feel rotten enough that I’d rather sleep all day. I need some Costa Rica vacations, maybe they would settle me down and heal me up…

I just have a bad cold. Not the flu. The flu would take me out for a week and I’d feel all weak and awful. I just have a head cold and stuffy nose and achy joints and stuff. I am pretty sure it’s not the flu. I’m glad it’s not the flu!

Well I hope I get better for ASCA agility next weekend. I have Tatum entered in pre-novice, scary! Now I’m getting nervous about it!

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