Agility Weekend ASCA


Well we are gearing up for a three day ASCA trial this weekend. I hope to get some video. I MUST get video of Tatum! She’s in Pre-Novice and I’m now nervous about running her! It’ll be just for fun, I don’t think she’s ready really, but pre-novice will be pretty darn easy and it’ll be fun to see how she does.

I’ll probably work some volunteer jobs like I usually do. Hopefully I’ll get to sit around too, since I still don’t feel 100% from being sick. Oh well, I hope I get by okay and don’t feel completely awful next week

Been doing some training today and now I’m already tired.I hope Tatum isn’t too tired tomorrow. She’s a pretty low stamina girl and gets grumpy at the other dogs when she’s tired. She’s a goof.

Chase is entered in everything… five or six runs a day I think. My ankle has been giving me some problems lately too so I hope it holds up as well. Bleh. Sucks getting old!

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