Picking A Venue

I took Chase to an ASCA Agility trial last weekend. It was three days, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I think Chase did really well. And I didn’t do too bad myself. 🙂 I’ve been toying with the idea, lately, of picking a venue with Chase and pursuing a high level title. A Trial Championship. And ASCA has been one of my two favorite options.

After looking around the web last night I think that there are enough ASCA trials around that I can get him in at least six this year. Since I’m going to the World Dog Show 2010 in June in Denmark this year, that’s going to zap a lot of my leave at work. Or else I could probably do more ASCA Agility. But next year, 2011, Chase will just be 7, and we can get really serious about picking up the legs that we need.

This is Chase’s Elite Jumpers run from Monday. We did good! We got 4 Qs out of 14 runs, which breaks down to 28%. Much, much better success rate than we’ve ever had in AKC or USDAA. So I want to pick a Venue that we are successful in… because why set ourselves up for failure? That isn’t a good idea in any area. And maybe if I keep running him in ASCA, I’ll learn how to run him in those flowing fast courses and we’ll get even better. I can hope, anyway, right?

My other choice was DOCNA, but there are not as many DOCNA trials as there are ASCA that I can get to realistically. And I enjoy ASCA. I always have. And we have such an awesome Australian Shepherd crowd here in Utah. And I have a friend in Colorado I can stay with when I go there…. so, ASCA it is.

Chase is so fast… in that Jumpers run he ran it in 21.3 seconds, 5.95 yards per second. That is dang fast. Sometimes I think he needs an energy auditor to keep him in check! He’s hard for me to handle at that speed, but I can do it, I am learning how. And I never put turning into his foundation agility work, so we lack that skill. ASCA needs other skills. You still have to call off obstacles and turn, even at speed, which really is a whole other skill set, and not really that easy, either. So… there’s an ASCA trial in Colorado over Memorial Day Weekend. I’m going to plan on that. It’s four days, which is a huge bonus for traveling, too.

So wish us luck! Hopefully Chase will come out of this with an ASCA ATCH! We have four years before he’s 10 to accomplish it.

2 thoughts on “Picking A Venue”

  1. I really like ASCA trials, that sounds like a great goal. Congrats on a GREAT run, Chase looks like a marvelous dog-I am very glad you got video to share.

  2. Well, I know this is going to come as a shock, since I’m such a pessimist normally. I think you and Chase will be able to get his ATCH in much less than the four years that you’re allowing. You two are running together really nicely now. It’s going to be fun cheering for you along the way! 🙂

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